SE 4th Street Sidewalk

Status: Complete
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Capital Planning & Resiliency
Completion Date: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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General Description: 

Construction of a sidewalk along SE 4th Street from Bryant to Tower Drive.


CEC Infrastructure Solutions

Engineering plans for the construction of a trail from Veteran's Park to the railroad right of way with construction of a protective crossing at Highland East Junior High.

Maximum Contract Price: 
Procurement Narrative: 

A City Request for Proposal announcement was made on May 13, 2015 for Civil Engineering Services for Disaster Recovery. Proposals were accepted until June 4, 2015 and 23 proposals were submitted. The following firms were selected:
1.Meshek & Associates
2.Poe & Associates
3.Cabbiness Engineering
4.CEC Infrastructure Solutions

Rudy Construction

Construction of pedestrian traffic signals and a non-motorized and multi-use urban trail.

Construction of pedestrian traffic signals will be on the intersection of Bouziden Dr. and SE 4th St. to provide signalizing crosswalk to help create safe route for schoolchildren and trail users. Pedestrian paths will be marked on both sides of the pedestrian intersection crossings. At every signalizing crossing pedestrian signal indications (Walk, flashing Don’t Walk, Don’t Walk, or walking man and raised hand symbols) will be provided. Construction of 8’ pedestal poles for signal heads. Construction of ADA ramps with tactile warning device will be in placed on both corners to provide safe place for people to wait. Paint 24” white stop bars to stop approaching motor vehicles in advance of the marked crosswalk will keep the crosswalk clear for pedestrians and can reduce right-on-red conflicts. Installation of streetlights on pedestal poles to illuminate the signalized intersections to increase pedestrians’ visibility when crossing, especially in the winter months. 

Maximum Contract Price: 
Procurement Narrative: 

A City Bid announcement was made on October 9, 2015 for City of Moore Public Works On-Demand Construction Services. Bids were accepted until October 30, 2015 and five submittals were received. Rudy Construction was awarded the contract on November 16, 2015.

Project Updates

  • Relocated the meter can from the east side of Whispering Oaks and placed it on the east wall of the entry feature.

Still waiting on decision for electrical connection at Whispering Oaks.

Completed installation of HAWK system and activation.

Pole "B" Hawk Signal is complete.

  • Worked on electrical for entry feature.

‐ Placed light bases on Bouziden

‐ Stone work completed on entry feature

‐ Crosswalk striping at Bouziden

‐ Completed sidewalk along school front’

  • Fiber Optic Conduit repair has been completed.
  • New utility markings have been placed. Controller pads, pull boxes, and hawk signal pole pedestal have been installed.

‐ Drilled for light bases on Bouziden intersection crosswalk
‐ Began erection of JD Estates Entry sign