Project Updates

The City of Moore is pleased to release the proposed new comprehensive plan, Envision Moore 2040, for public review.

  • Geotech continuing
  •  Working on a proposal for utility pothole for west shoefly option

‐ Placed light bases on Bouziden

‐ Stone work completed on entry feature

‐ Crosswalk striping at Bouziden

‐ Completed sidewalk along school front’

Construction 50% complete, Water and Sewer hooked up, Drain line installed

The contractor provided assistance to the City in four areas during the reporting period:

‐ Hauled in embankment material

‐ Dug and laid 6” and 8” drain pipe

‐ Installed filter fabric and placed gravel backfill

‐ Fine graded the area

Lemke continues to assist City of Moore IT with the ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS. Work on the CAD as-built template for developers to use continues.

Excavated for sidewalk at Westmoore Drive and 19th Street.

  • Public Meeting held & initial comments received
  • Geotech in progress
  • Received comments from BNSF on 30% review
  • Fiber Optic Conduit repair has been completed.
  • New utility markings have been placed. Controller pads, pull boxes, and hawk signal pole pedestal have been installed.

The contractor provided assistance to the City in four areas during the reporting period:

90% plans in final review. Coordination complete with Land Plan for 90%.

Little River Roadway, Parking Lot, and Water Line

‐ Saw cut for panel removals
‐ Excavated a placed aggregate base
‐ Removed and replace concrete panels as designated


90% plans are in final review.

General cleanup on project
Drilling for light pole foundations along Little River Rd.

The third and final Stakeholder/Public Meeting was held December 8th. A draft of the plan document will be submitted to the City on January 27, 2017.

Storm Damage project, placed on hold until January per Homeowner request. Storm Shelter has been completed.