Project Updates

Pole "B" Hawk Signal is complete.

Lemke continues to assist City of Moore IT with the ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS. Work on the CAD as-built template for developers to use continues.

Prepared a justification letter for the sole source of a Contractor to complete the Little River Park Playground

Completed a set of application updates and revisions to the DPA program

Geotech complete.

Received Utility Locate Report.

Shoefly to be set to the west.

City of Moore working with BNSF to get third party review completed.

Project construction began April 24, 2017. Television inspection has been completed for a portion of the line to be rehabilitated.

1. Public Engagement Plan

a. The second Stakeholder/Public Meeting was held on August 16th.

b. The third and final Stakeholder/Public Meeting was held December 8th

Completion of structure 99% complete.

Met on site with the City on Thursday, April 27, 2017 about soil erosion near a sidewalk and the sidewalk being undermined. The lack of sodding is the likely cause of the issue.

Internal audit site visit

Compliance and financial internal audit procedures

Issuance of draft internal audit report

The City of Moore is pleased to release the proposed new comprehensive plan, Envision Moore 2040, for public review.

All the concrete has been poured and completed.

Construction is nearly completed. The fire hydrant at the approximate half way point of the project needs to be adjusted to grade. Striping has been placed on the roadway portion of the project.

Contractor finished the added items to the initial punch list that was issued. A few more areas needing slab sod were covered and some manhole aprons were poured and final cleanup done.


Utility design and plan development. Coordination with The City of Moore on relocation of the waterline.

  • Placed sod.

Completed work on a RFQ for Title Services

  • We have made great progress on installing the playground and on schedule
  • All of the playground is installed
  • Project has been advertised for bid and bids were opened on February 24, 2017. Project is scheduled to be awarded on April 3, 2017.
  • Worked on electrical for entry feature.

Highlights and Accomplishments/Progress:
1. Public Engagement Plan